Health Center Receives Facelift

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The Health Center has undergone an impressive expansion and renovation with modern medical equipment in order to improve on its health services.

The newly constructed extension of the clinic has been in full swing since January 14. Mr. Philip Eappen, the administrator, said the clinic needed to be fully equipped to provide better health care services.

"When we started in 2012, we only had few types of equipment to cater to minor health cases but gradually we decided to equip the facility to the AUN standard and now, it is no longer a clinic, it is like a hospital."

The previous building has been renovated to accommodate seven fully furnished observation rooms with 14 beds and a private ward, sufficient to cater to the growing AUN community. The new wing of the clinic contains a reception area, doctors' and nurses' offices, a conference room, an enhanced laboratory, a procedure room for wound dressing and stitching, a well-equipped operating theater, an emergency room, multiple bathrooms, washrooms, and draining rooms.

The clinic also has imported emergency equipment like the cardiac monitor, oxygen machine, anesthetic machine, nebulizer, electronic beds, and defibrillator.

Mr. Eappen says the clinic intends to start surgical procedures soon.

"In the past, we have had instances of students who had surgeries outside the clinic with cases of postoperative infections so we thought about doing surgeries here and we are now working with the surgical team to start as soon as possible."


Reported by Tina Bitrus