Health Center Educates New Students on Disease Prevention

Health Center Educates New Students on Disease Prevention

AUN Health Center held a "catch them young" compulsory health awareness workshop on November 2 for new students.

The Center’s Chief Administrator and speaker at the workshop Mr. Philip Eappen said, "This is the best time to have this talk because their minds are still fresh."

The workshop dwelled on communicable and non-communicable diseases--some of their causes and how to prevent them. 

New students from the different schools attended the mandatory workshop to achieve the desired effect of reaching out to all of them.

Mr. Eappen said, "This is the first time the Health Center is officially working with the school to have discussions with students on sensitive topics, and we plan to do it every semester."

After the first part of the workshop, an interactive session with the students on their knowledge of health followed. Mr. Eappen said it is essential to educate them further. "When we discussed with them, we realized that continuous education was necessary." 

The second part of the workshop comprised lectures on sex education, unhealthy habits like fast-food, lack of proper exercise, failure to complete prescribed dosages of drugs, and the importance of keeping the environment clean.

He said there is a need for students to know that lousy health choices can be detrimental to their health in the future.

He also expressed satisfaction with the success of the workshop and students’ output. "It was very productive. This is the first time I am seeing students involving themselves in discussions and giving their perspective."

Reported by Tina Bitrus