Master of Telecommunication & Wireless Technologies

About the program

The Master of Telecommunication & Wireless Technologies (MTWT) program is a terminal professional degree in the telecommunication and wireless technologies field.

It is designed for graduates with electronics, computing, science and engineering backgrounds who wish to obtain profes- sional proficiencies in telecommunication and wireless technologies to boost their careers in the industry. It equips graduates with in-depth knowledge and skills in the science and design of contemporary wireless telecommunication systems. The program covers important topics such as telecoms signal processing, wireless technologies and networking and innovation in the ICT sector.
Benefits of the program
This program is designed for students currently in employ- ment as well as those that are progressing straight after their first degree program. It is also prepared for busy professionals who cannot leave their employment to study full-time and enhance their skills in the profession through enrolment in an advanced degree.
Program Requirements
Tuition Fees

2021/2022 Annual Tuition

(for 36 credit hours total)

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