Masters in Telecommunication and Wireless Technologies

Master of Technology (M.Tech.)
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Masters in Telecommunication and Wireless Technologies sits within the School of Information Technology & Computing
Program Overview

The Higher degrees in Telecommunication and Wireless Tech. will appeal to graduates with primary degrees in electronics or computing who wish to focus or enhance their career in telecommunications. The graduate programs are also recommended to those with other science or engineering backgrounds, who wish to work in the telecommunications industry.

The course is offered as a part-time degree program leading to the award of any of the following certificates:

Masters Degree

This opportunity will facilitate students currently in employment as well as those that are progressing straight after their primary degree program from AUN, and other accredited Universities. It is a block-release in-class course over two summer terms, spanning 18 – 36 months for those interested in diploma or Masters Degree in Telecommunication and Wireless Technology.

Students will be required to complete the listed modules and also attain minimum CGPA points of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. In addition to this, candidates will be expected to submit a dissertation based on practical research work completed by December of the second year, but no later than summer of the third year. 

Students would be required to defend the Masters dissertation before the award of the degree.


The Higher certificate Degrees in Telecommunication and Wireless Tech. is designed to produce graduates with in-depth skills in contemporary computer networks and telecommunications. 

Prospective careers for such graduates include the design of telecommunications systems (hardware and software), planning, research, and a niche career in telecommunications consultancy, amongst others. Typical Telecommunications career with MTN, NITEL, NTA, NOKIA, AUN, Government establishments, etc.


Program of Study

The general course component of the higher degree course in telecommunication and wireless technology is a three-year, part-time, taught postgraduate program. It consists of ten taught modules and a major project during the third year for those proceeding to the Masters Degree program. Each taught module is worth 1, 2 or 3 credit points and the final dissertation is worth 6 credit points. Each credit points are worth 15 hours of lecture times.

The course runs over two years during the summer terms. Taught material is presented by certified instructors from AUN and top American and European Universities. For those proceeding to the Masters degree, the final year project is meant to be completed at the end of December of the second academic year, but not later than the summer of the third year. In the first year of study, students will study five modules over a 5-week period and one week for exams.

Lectures are delivered as block-release modules starting at 8:00am and ending at 5:00pm Monday through Friday (breaks inclusive). The same regime holds on the second summer.

Entry Requirements

The principal entry requirement for Higher Degree Courses in the School of Information Technology & Computing is a minimum of second class lower division degree or equivalent. Candidates with Higher National Diploma (HND) and substantial industry experience may be considered. An interview may be part of the admission process.



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