Provost Kah Receives UNFPA Team

Provost Kah Receives UNFPA Team

The United Nations Population Fund's Gender-based Violence (GBV) specialist, Dr. Zubaida Abubakar, visited AUN on November 19, 2019.

Dr. Abubakar was accompanied by the Program Consultant of the Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies (GBViE), Agnes E. Koome, and an Instructor of the School of Law, Ms. Olanike Adelakun.

The delegation was received by the Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost, Professor Muhammadou Kah.

Their discussion centered on how to sustain the GBViE course. The team also discussed how to make the program sustainable.

Dr. Abubakar said research substantiates that AUN is very suitable for the pilot course.

"This is more than we ever dreamed of. This is very exciting. The support that we have received has been incredible. And we were also very lucky that there was a need. The participants are very happy. There has been positive feedback."

She said the facilities at AUN are very conducive to learning. She opines that AUN could be a hub for training trainers.

"There are lots of potentials that we see. We want AUN to take ownership of it. We have a lot of ideas. We've seen so many more areas of collaboration since we've been here."

Ms. Koome, who has been in Yola for more than a month, is very impressed with what she has seen. She wants to be an ambassador for the university in helping to recruit students from Kenya.

"I love it here. And I can tell parents that this is a home away from home."

She said it is unique since there is an online component besides the face-to-face interaction. "We are using a blended learning approach." They all shared thoughts on more areas for collaboration. 

Prof Kah said that President Dekle and himself are very excited and committed to the pilot course.

"You can always count on our support. We are looking forward to a substantive collaboration and support from the UNFPA."

He envisions that the course will grow to become a renowned center.

"It is going to be self-sustaining. It is going to be driven by writing grants. It will offer short-time targeted high-level programs to address real societal challenges."

AUN is still a young university and there are lots of things to do that can impact Yola. "It is calm, serene, quiet, evolving, and you have the freedom to create and change lives. At the end of the day, that is what matters."

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa