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AUN Career Services Office, Access Bank Collaborate to Train Graduating Seniors, Alums on Employability Skills

AUN Career Services Office, Access Bank Collaborate to Train Graduating Seniors, Alums on Employability Skills

On Thursday, May 18, 2023, the Library Auditorium was packed to the brim with enthusiastic graduating seniors and alums during an exclusive skill training session delivered by Mr. Oluwatoyin David Ajayi, Human Resource Manager and seasoned Talent Acquisition Specialist with the Access Bank Group.

The training, which was facilitated by the AUN Career Center in collaboration with Access Bank, was aimed at providing a unique opportunity for AUN graduating students and graduates to learn soft skills that will help them thrive in their careers, thereby giving them a competitive edge to successfully navigate through the job market and enjoy a lifelong career.

Mrs. Grace Nwokoma, Director of AUN Career Services and Study Abroad Center, explained that organizing such training will provide the opportunity for the students to learn from industry experts, thereby enhancing their understanding of the contemporary human resource trends and potentially opening doors to future internship and employment opportunities while fostering growth and success.

Under the theme "Tips to navigate life after school and charting your path to success," Mr. Ajayi took the audience through his wealth of experience and offered practical advice. He emphasized the importance of identifying a starting point and encouraged the students to identify their strengths and build on them as a foundation for future success. He further enlightened them on the art of spotting good opportunities, urging them to remain vigilant and seize the chances that come their way.

"You must put in the hard work, only then will you know how to work smart," he advised, encouraging the students to embrace diligence as a key driver in achieving their goals.

In an era where emotional intelligence plays a pivotal role, Mr. Ajayi said it is necessary to master one's emotions. He emphasized that emotional stability and self-awareness are crucial in the workplace, enabling individuals to handle pressure and interpersonal relationships with finesse.

Recognizing the transformative power of networking and establishing meaningful relationships, Mr. Ajayi urged the students to invest time forming connections and nurturing relationships. He emphasized that a strong network opens doors to unforeseen opportunities and facilitates personal and professional growth.

As the participants grew excited and inspired to take on the world, Mr. Ajayi stressed the importance of delaying gratification - a skill often overlooked in today's instant-gratification-crazed society. The HR expert advised aspiring graduates to develop patience and financial discipline, highlighting that delaying personal rewards can lead to more remarkable achievements in the long run.

He also addressed the reality of rejection in the job market and how to cope with negative feedback, emphasizing the need for resilience. He encouraged the students not to be discouraged by setbacks but to see rejection as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

Concluding his engaging session, Mr. Ajayi stressed the vital role of mentorship in career development. He encouraged the students to seek guidance from experienced professionals who can provide invaluable insights, advice, and support along their journey to success.

Reported by Tina Bitrus