Writing Center.

About The Center

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The mission of the writing center at the American University of Nigeria is to “assist students in every stage of the writing process” and to foster “a vibrant academic community of confident writers at AUN and beyond.” It is something the center is proud to uphold.

The Writing Center is continuously working to actualize this mission for the AUN student and faculty community through initiatives like peer tutoring, writing workshops, academic integrity awareness events, book clubs, grammar drills, study skills workshops, and the Writing Across the Curriculum program.

About Us

As a team, we are routinely reflecting on our mission to ensure our activities align with their stated purpose. We make actionable plans to improve our internal operations and enhance our role and effectiveness within the university.


The AUN Writing Center aims to help students at every stage of the writing process through small group instruction, peer-to-peer tutorship, and mentoring. We intend to create a vibrant academic community of confident writers, articulate presenters, and critical thinkers.


The AUN Writing Center will be a place where developing and experienced writers can come together and create great stories, beautiful narrations, and inspiring arguments. Its wider purpose is therefore to help students become passionate readers, confident critical thinkers, innovative writers, and articulate presenters.


  • To provide positive and professional one-on-one tutorials in academic writing
  • To create a collaborative and supportive environment through academic support.
  • To offer support with reading and writing skills at all points of the composition process.
  • To assist faculty with Writing Across the Curriculum papers, assignments, and grading.