In their usual character of happily rendering writing services to the university community, the Writing Center staff received 50 SS3 students of AUN Academy on October 24.

“We are more interested in the writer than the product, because as the writer improves, the writing takes care of itself,” said Mrs. Emilienne Akpan, Director of the Writing Center (WC).

On March 13, the Enabling Writers’ Projects (EWP) entered its second training phase with 12 selected writers representing Federal and state higher institutions from five Northern states.

The Study Skills Seminar for Spring 2018 has kicked off. The weekly program, which is organized by the Writing Center, is a support class for students’ success in academics.

“Is the exemption of ecclesiastical bodies from taxation justified?”  This was the topic debated at the AUN Honor Society debate held on March 10.

On February 15, the Writing Center (WC) again hosted students of the AUN Academy (Secondary).  The second visit is part of the ongoing WC collaboration with the Academy, which began two weeks ago with the SS3 students' visit.

Professor Jean-Pierre Karegeye of SAS and three students, Ms. Oluwafunminitemi Oluwadare, Ms. Jemima Faro, and Mr. Haliru Abubakar, shared their Rwandan study abroad experience at the SAS Research and Seminar Series.

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