AUN Marks International Day of Action against Contract Cheating

On October 16, AUN joined institutions worldwide to mark the 4th International Day of Action (IDoA) against Contract Cheating.

The global event is sponsored by the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI) and supported by Turnitin and the University of Wollongong in Dubai. 

Also, this date coincides with Global Ethics Day 2019.

"Both of them are promoting the same values, ethical conduct, ethical behaviors," said the Director of the Writing Center, Ms. Emilienne Akpan.

The Writing Center, Judicial Affairs, the Honor Society, and the Student Government Association collaborated to sensitize the AUN learning community on supporting and sustaining academic integrity.

The campaign started from the front of the e-library and the team went from one class to another to speak about integrity and remind students not to outsource their grade-earning work.

Before encouraging students to write declarations against contract cheating on white sheets, Ms. Akpan explained that contract cheating is getting someone to do one's work, for a fee or without payment, and taking credit for the completed assignment. Such submitted works breach academic integrity principles and do not help the affected students in any way as they would have passed over learning very important research, critical thinking and writing skills by themselves.

"It can happen right here, from one student to the other, through helping another student complete an assignment, rewrite it or change things in any way. At the end of the day, what is handed over to the instructor is not genuine and the student will not be able to defend it because they didn't write it."

She reminded them to make use of the academic resource centers at AUN, all of which are free.

The students' declarations were taken and photographed and would be uploaded on a twitter handle to show that the students are promoting academic integrity. The hashtags were: #ExcelWithIntegrity and #DefeatTheCheat.

Faculty members also lent their voices to the sensitization drive.

An instructor in the School of Law, Benjamin Danpullo, said cheating was an academic crime.

Another SoL professor, Dr. Jennifer H. Mike, said contract cheating was not only ethically wrong but also morally wrong.

"It is a wrong against a person's integrity."

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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