Software Engineering Major Pepsitemi Sanga Wins Spring 2018 Reading Competition

A second-year Software Engineering major, Pepsitemi Sanga, has emerged as the Writing Center’s pioneer ambassador.


Sanga clinched the winning ticket from the AUN reading competition, which ended on April 20. She beat another finalist, Rahama Olaniyan, a first-year Computer Science major.

A third-year Software Engineering major, Ifeoluwa Funsho, was one of the contestants for this season of the maiden competition but did not reach the final stage as the other two.

Proud of their achievements, all three said they enjoyed the readings despite the pressure they faced while at it.

The reading competition kicked off at AUN last February to encourage reading beyond recommended books.

An initiative of the Writing Center, the maiden competition was diligently promoted by the Center's tutors. The initiators also designed the competition to build students' vocabulary banks, explore a variety of cultural and other contents exposed in the writings, as well as synthesize the information for critical analysis.

For the first two rounds, participants were given five books each from which to read and answer comprehension questions. In the second round, the questions covered all the narratives so far. In the final round, each participant besides answering questions was required to present a critical analysis their most impactful book.

The initial stage took place in the University Library Auditorium, while the second and third phases were held at the Writing Center. At the final round, the Lead Tutor, Edward Rajah, welcomed everyone and gave a breakdown of the contestants’ performances in the first two rounds. Interim Director, Ms. Emilienne Akpan, then addressed the audience on the purpose of the competition and called on everyone present to applaud Pepsitemi Sanga and Rahma Olaniyan, the finalists.

Faridah Sani and Vanessa Williams moderated, while Professors Ikechukwu Eke, Farah Ali, Hannah Mugambi, and Boubacar Diop sat on the panel of judges.

Dr. Brian Reed presented the winners' certificates and cash prizes.


Reported by Faridah Sani

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