Writing Center Tutors AUN Academy Students on Essay Writing

On February 20, the Writing Center conducted a tutorial with JSS 3 students of the AUN Academy on essay writing.

The session at Washington Hall aimed at reinforcing the students’ essay writing skills ahead of their Junior Secondary School Certificate Examination.

Presenter at the session, Nwanneka Ogudu, gave the students a comprehensive breakdown of how to write an argumentative essay. He highlighted the need for the students to differentiate between types of essays and to understand the concept of distinguishing between the contents of essays.

Mr. Ogudu also guided the students on how to present proper opinions within an argument. He further emphasized the importance of refuting statements, as they are also vital points while giving an argument.

At the end of the session, the students were tasked to write an argumentative essay that would be assessed by the Writing Center later on.

Interim Director of the Writing Center, Mrs. Emilienne Akpan, described the initiative as one to reinforce the students’ writing skills as they head into a critical examination in their educational career.

“The aim of doing this is to complement what the students are learning to improve their essay-writing skills. This is not only because of examinations but because they will be moving forward in life. They need to know what to expect as they proceed. It also gives prospective students an idea of how AUN operates.”

Reported by Bashir I. Bashir

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