Fall Semester Graduate Seminar Kicks Off with Writing Workshop

On September 8, the Graduate School Seminar launched this semester's program.  This first of the series was organized in collaboration with the Writing Center (WC).

The Dean of the School, Dr. Charles Nche, addressed the students before the WC workshop.

Recognizing that students often do not start their research work on time, he told them that the school will support them so that they can graduate in the required time.  He encouraged them to start their research work early.

Dr. Nche explored the various programs of study in the school, and gave them advice on how they can assess information in the learning management portal.

The WC workshop was on Ethics & Good Practices in Graduate Writing.  It highlighted the services that are offered during the Research Writing Consultations for Graduate Students.  These tutorials are held in collaboration with faculty of the Department of English Language & Literature.

The Interim Director of the Center, Ms. Emilienne Akpan, said the workshop creates more awareness of academic integrity, a core value of the University, and showcases ways in which writers can use resources ethically.  The facilitators were Dr. Mohamed Tristan Purvis, Assistant Professor of English Language and Linguistics, and Dr. Hannah Mugambi, Assistant Professor of Language Literacy & Culture.  Dr. Purvis gave an analysis of acknowledged case studies, and showed how incorrect information about the source of a quotation makes a writer guilty of plagiarism.

To make his point about the breach of academic integrity, he shared short video clips of plagiarized speeches by famous politicians.

Before the practical session, Dr. Mugambi gave a presentation on how dissertations can be written more clearly and credibly, as ultimately these studies provide value to the society.

Dr. Mugambi commented that the workshop should help the graduate students a lot because good writing is a hard skill to acquire.  She said that at the workshop, students would be more encouraged to attend consultation sessions with the dedicated Writing Center team who are readily available to provide the necessary information on how to get support for effective research.

Dean Nche also encouraged the students to attend the subsequent Graduate School seminars, which are organized fortnightly.

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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