Writing Center Welcomes AUN Academy Students

In their usual character of happily rendering writing services to the university community, the Writing Center staff received 50 SS3 students of AUN Academy on October 24.


The Interim Director of the Center, Ms. Emilienne Akpan, welcomed and encouraged them to keep their minds and hearts open to new and interesting approaches to learning.

Ms. Chinyelu Uzodinma, the Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator, took them on a tour of the facility, while explaining its role at the heart of liberal arts education. At AUN, the writing component is mandatory in every course. “Here,” she continued, “we have what is known as Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC), and this requires a significant amount of writing as you go through each level regardless of your discipline.”

To support students in their reading and writing competencies, Ms. Uzodinma mentioned that apart from peer-to-peer tutoring, there are other services that help achieve the aims and objectives of the center.  They include the Book Club, Grammar Experience, and a yearly writing competition.

“In this era,” she added, “whatever profession you are in after graduation would require that you occasionally do a certain amount of writing.  If you don’t hone your writing skills as a student, you will find this particular responsibility a little bit difficult when called upon to present, explain, or defend a situation in the written form.”

One of the visiting students, Nambila Hamidu, said she was inspired with the motivational quotes on the walls of the Center.

Coordinator of Writing Center, Nicholas Achoda, explains why this activity is organized for the students.  “We want to impart the philosophy of writing into them while they are still young so that when they get into higher institutions, they won’t find writing intimidating.”

After the tour, the students had a writing workshop facilitated by Nwanneka Ogudu, E+ Instructor. Centering on “How to Prepare for Essay Writing,” the workshop covered how to write on a topic of interest with a captivating introduction, logical body paragraphs, and a meaningful conclusion. These stages include brainstorming, outlining the presentation, identifying a thesis, and writing the conclusion.

During the practical session, students were given topics to write on, and authors of the best three submissions will receive book prizes.  When the presentation ended, Ms. Uzodinma also addressed the students. She encouraged them to read widely as this serves many purposes.

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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