Three Winners Emerge In ‘My 400 Words’ Writing Contest

To these ends, “My 400 Words” competition for undergraduate students was launched in Fall 2015, and this literary challenge will be held once every semester.

Three pictures were given to the participants to choose any one of them to develop an award-winning story. The pictures were of a caged lion,  dominoes, and  a dancing duo. Strict rules governed eligibility, and judges were selected to rate the essays for creativity, fluency, coherence, mechanics of language, diction, and merit. Only 11 students met the selection criteria to take part in the writing contest.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015, was the prize-giving day for the first, second, and third-place winners; each participant received a certificate of appreciation.  Dean Jacob U. Jacob of SAS and Ms Emilienne Akpan, the interim Director of the Writing Center, presented the prizes as the entire Writing Center team applauded the winners. The third position was won by Mayor Onuagha of the CMD program, followed by Ms Kenechukwu Nwagbo of the ICP program. Joseph Sowe, another ICP major, clinched the star prize.

Sowe and Nwagbo explored captivity, might, and pride from totally different perspectives while Onuagha used the abstract to beautifully interpret what would otherwise have been a very common object. Their stories are available at the Writing Center.


By Ebiuwa Uwagboe

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