New Students Learn About Writing Center, Library Services

The Center’s interim Director, Emilienne Akpan, described the facility “one of the academic supports that ensure students’ success at AUN.” One of the benefits of the Center, she went on, is to help students to be original in the production of their writing work as it helps them not to plagiarize. Ms Akpan encouraged them to avail themselves of the opportunity to meet with the Center’s staff as well as student-tutors who will help them become better writers.

The Coordinator of the Center, Mr. Nicholas Achoda, also told the students how the staff will help them with every aspect of writing from brainstorming to putting their ideas down.

Mrs. Jamila Olumoh, another staff member of the Center, warned that students should not expect their writing to be done for them by the Center. But the Center will help them to see where more help is needed and to learn how their writing can be improved.

She also stressed the importance of students visiting the Center. “Even as good writers, you still need help by having someone correcting your mistakes, pointing out the errors you might make in the paper.”

Librarian and Director of Digital Services, Mr. Benson Ali, also showed the new students how they can access information in the library. He said the AUN library, which is also the Department of Digital Services, has most of its resources in the online format. “This can be accessed anytime and anywhere on campus.”

He emphasized the importance of sharing information that can enhance learning. He also stressed the importance of knowing how to search for information. He said that computer literacy is different from information literacy. As learning materials are many, Mr. Ali said that students need guidance on how to use which resources for their various research works. He assured them that there are dedicated staff members of the library who will help them in whatever they might need.

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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