Writing Center Offers Open Public Speaking Training

The Interim Director of the Writing Center, Emilienne Akpan, said the Center is collaborating with the Public Affairs Department to help members of the AUN community enhance their presentation, delivery and vocal ​​skills.

The​se interactive and engaging workshops ​will be held on Fridays from 11​am to 12 noon and will be facilitated pro bono by the Assistant Vice-President of Public Affairs, Mr Abba Tahir. He is the Adjunct Professor of Public S​peaking in the School of Arts & Sciences.

On February 5, the first session was held and Mrs. Akpan described Mr. Abba Tahir ​as “an invaluable resource​ person”. "The entire staff of the Center is very pleased to benefit from his expertise,” she added.

During the inaugural workshop, Mr. Tahir stressed the need to bring personal elements into a presentation.

​These elements “add flavor and glamor” to one’s presentation and have the capability to capture the audience’s attention. 

He listed and expounded the seven principles of stage command, namely, perception, perfection, visualization, discipline, description, inspiration, and anticipation.

​For example, on perfection, he said that presenters should never try to act as if they are perfect. “Don’t imagine that you are going to give one of the greatest speeches…Don’t try to impress in your speech but prepare yourself to inspire, educate, and inform.”

He also spoke about how to handle or position the microphone, the need to plan for the event and test-run the public address system. “In fact, you even need a backup. And everything should be tested.”         

He underscored the role of practice before presentation. “The best public speakers practice. You can practice and record yourself in audio and video, then ​ watch and assess yourself or rehearse in front of a familiar audience.”

​Furthermore he stressed the need​ for presenters to conduct an audience analysis​ before an event so that they know how to design their content,​ use the appropriate imagery, make the correct references and keep everyone interested. Additional aids such as a podium and a PowerPoint projector help to create a sense of balance ​during a presentation. ​The podium in particular “is like fright breaker,” he concluded.​

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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