Writing Center Holds Pre-Career Fair Workshop

The occasion was the resume-writing workshop on March 17 and 18 centered on how to recognize and show the skills and qualities that employers seek. Job-related topics include writing a cover letter, differentiating between a cover letter and an application letter, the curriculum vitae, the resume, and the importance of the post-interview, and thank-you letter.

Mrs. Akpan said fair attendees should see it as an opportunity to meet other people, express themselves professionally, and learn how to be part of effective career-building networks.

She also advised them to familiarize themselves with the companies they are interested in.

Staff members of the Center assisted with the workshop. Ms. Motunrayo Ogunrinbokun said that a cover letter is the applicant’s first chance to impress a prospective employer or get the application tossed out as it tells the employer whether an applicant is qualified for the job, and literate.   In her presentation, she explained the difference between the cover letter and an application letter and also spoke about run-on sentences, comma splice, and subject verb agreement.

Ms. Maryam Isa explained how to write the good CV/resume and pointed out their respective structures as well as the three main differences between them. She noted that a resume is suitable for the prospective attendees and advised that the students include all the relevant information that would encourage an employer to hire them.

“Make sure that you highlight your education, work experience, and skills as they relate to the particular industry or job.”

In addition, she stressed the need for the students to thoroughly edit and proofread their resume. “Avoid spelling or grammatical errors. Use a uniform format – if you use bullet points in one selection, use bullet points in subsequent ones on your resume.” Her presentation also touched on punctuation, capitalization, and tenses.

Mr. Nicholas Achoda’s presentation was on the post-interview, thank-you letter, which, he said, is an important aspect that many applicants overlook. It gives applicants an edge over others and creates an impression of willingness to build a relationship with the potential employer.

Activity sessions had participants writing cover and application letters, effectively presenting strengths and weaknesses, using buzz words for key skills, telling their individual stories, correcting punctuation/capitalization errors in documents. and drafting a post-interview thank-you letter.

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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