Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What happens at the American University of Nigeria (AUN) Writing Center?

A: The Writing Center is integral to the success of students. It is a service-based space where faculty, staff and student tutors provide positive, professional support in academic writing. We also coordinate free, collaborative, interdisciplinary workshops and need-specific programs, to enhance academic integrity awareness; build citation competencies; and promote reading, writing, grammar, critical thinking and effective college skills.

Q: Is the Writing Center only for students in the Department of English Language & literature?

A: We are a part of the Department of English Language & Literature, but we provide mentorship for both academic and non-academic writing to all students at the American University of Nigeria. AUN is a liberal arts college, and there’s a Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) component in every major.


Q: Where and when can I visit the Writing Center?

A: The Writing Center is currently at the Dorm BB Basement, and it is open Mondays to Fridays, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If necessary, evening tutoring from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., may also be arranged on a case-by-case basis.


Q: How do I schedule a meeting at the Writing Center?

A:  Contact us during the designated work hours.


Q. Are the tutors trained?

A: The staff and tutors follow rigorous assessments and guidelines to reflect best practices in writing center service delivery.


Q: For how long is a tutoring session?

A:  A typical session usually lasts for 30 minutes but if more time is required, you will have a discussion about it. During ‘walk-in’ hours, students are attended to on a first-come, first-served basis, and the duration will depend on the queue or what a student is working on. You may visit the Writing Center as often as you like.

Q: What about postgraduate work?

A: Apart from PG students’ individual supervisors, graduate submissions at the Writing Center are sometimes referred to designated faculty of the Department of English Language & Literature. More information will be provided on request.


Q: Are the Tutors only English Majors? Will they understand assignments from other departments?

A: We have a very diverse, welcoming and creative team. In the past we’ve had students from Software Engineering, Computer Science, Natural & Environmental Sciences, Entrepreneurship & Management, English Language & Literature, Communication & Multimedia Design, Politics & international Studies, Business Administration and Petroleum Chemistry.

Q: Will my writing be torn apart?

A: No! We are not here to embarrass or frighten anyone. Discussions are instructional, not correctional. Our primary role is to support you in your acquisition or mastery of different writing skills. However, to enable you meet your personal or course-specific goals, we request that you actively participate during these conversations which may include how you generated ideas, organized your selections, attributed sources and applied grammatical rules.


Q: Can I drop off a paper for editing?

A: No, you may not. We don’t rewrite assignments for you, or replace your thoughts with our own. You take ownership of your writing and ideas, while the Tutor acts as a coach and mentor.


Q: Can I bring a friend's paper for a tutoring session?

A: This is a breach of academic integrity. During consultations, students are expected to come in person for discussions about their work.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of pages that can be submitted for review?

A: No there isn’t, and we know that instructors specify what is appropriate at different levels. However, the number of pages will determine how many days your paper will need to be at the Writing Center before you are invited for the tutoring session. If your assignment is perhaps 5–6 pages long, you are advised to give at least a 5-day interval to accommodate tutoring, 2nd draft submissions and final copy printing for the Writing Center validation. We strongly discourage bringing assignments to the Writing Center at short notice, especially on the days that they are due for submission.


Q: When do I get the stamp?

A: There is a misconception about the Writing Center stamp. We only stamp your paper when you have brought your first and second printed drafts for reviews. It is the final copy of your paper that is stamped, as evidence to your instructor that you came to the Writing Center and followed through the writing and tutoring processes. Please note that receiving the stamp is not indicative of the final grade you will receive. That is for your instructor to decide based on your writing skills.

Q: Are Tutors always available at the Writing Center?

A: Usually, a few days prior to midterms or final examinations, student tutors are excused to study, so that they can focus solely on their academics. During these times, English faculty and the designated full-time staff members at the Writing Center attend those who require assistance. These arrangements are subject to change.

Q: Is there a charge for visiting the Writing Center?

A: The support services are completely free, and so are other related activities, such as Book Club, Grammar Experience, Essential College Skills, Academic Integrity workshops or class presentations.


Q: Who do I make complaints to?

A: The administrative staff at the Writing Center will provide guidance on work procedures at AUN.


Q: What else should I know?

A: We ask that you visit our site to know more about the regulations applicable during our operations. Also, follow the directives given and treat everyone respectfully. In addition, where required, provide the correct information about your assignments. Remember the Writing Center is both a working and learning environment.


Appointments/General Information

Walk-in or call the Writing Center to schedule an appointment or get information.

Location:    Dorm BB Basement

Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Writing Center Coordinator: (234) 813-193-7318


Writing Center Director

Emilienne I. Akpan

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: (234) 807 139 3202



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