Founder's Day Remarks by HE Atiku Abubakar

Speech of Founder HE Atiku Abubakar, GCON, on the occasion of the 13th Founder’s Day Held on November 24, 2018

Today marks another day in the life of this institution. Every year, for the past 14 years, we have gathered here, whether to celebrate, or to rub minds, or to impart knowledge to each other, but most important thing is to remember why we are all here.

Of course, we are here to train the future leader of this country. The future business men of this country, the future engineers of this country. The future doctors of this country. In the future, the leadership of this country. And with all sense of modesty, I want to say that we have contributed our own quota to the development of our nation and mankind.

But let me address dear men and women who are gathered here today. As a young man coming up, or a young lady, it is always good to have an ambition. Our guest speaker termed it a dream. Call it a dream or an ambition, but it is always good to have one. And when you have that dream or you have that ambition, please plan for it. And when you plan for it, work hard to achieve that ambition or that target. You may at times miss some of those targets, but don’t be discouraged because it has happened to me before over and over again. I went back to my plan, I went back to my dream, and I have realized them.

Before I sit down, may I, please, request everybody to rise in memory of our great soldiers who made supreme sacrifice in the village of Metele, in Borno State, a few days ago and we lost more than 100 lives. These were patriotic people who, in the defense of our country and also to fight terrorism, have sacrificed their lives.

May their souls rest in peace.

So, our young men and women of this great institution, I hope you will remain on track, and I hope you will continue to have dreams. And I hope you will continue to have ambitions. That is why you are here: to have dreams, to have ambitions, and to make sure that you continue to realize those dreams and ambitions. Don’t think there is any obstacle that cannot be surmounted. With will and determination, you will surmount every obstacle. And achieve your dreams and target.

I wish you all the best. See you soon. Thank you very much.