Writing Center Tests Prospective Tutors

Writing Center Tests Prospective Tutors

To meet the growing tutoring demands of the student community and encourage our students to be of service to their peers, the AUN Writing Center conducted a six-part aptitude test for prospective tutors on March 29, 2019.

This was a follow-up to the Tutors’ Open Day held in fall 2018 to familiarize intending tutors with the discipline and standards of engagement. Twenty-three students from different majors and levels participated in the exercise.

The high turnout was an encouraging indication that the service learning and educational opportunities provided by the Writing Center are appreciated by the student population. These include helping students improve the quality of their written assignments and creating skilled writers and mentors.

Because of the dynamics involved in language learning and tutoring across the disciplines, the test had both written and oral segments.  Competencies assessed in the first part were subdivided into language recognition, reading and comprehension, composition, error detection, and parts of speech identification. During the speaking test, the foci were speech, grammar, vocabulary, fluency, and interpersonal relations.

Typically, tutors have diverse interests in addition to loving reading, being passionate about good writing, and staying curious about how language works at the formal and informal levels. They must also be respectful, patient, approachable and teachable as learning never stops at the Writing Center. Furthermore, they must be of good academic standing, possess excellent critical thinking and communication skills, have a sense of responsibility, and be guided by integrity at all times.

The Writing Center is the ultimate space where support is provided at any stage of the writing process for students to confidently achieve their respective goals, and we look forward to receiving a new set of tutors to join us in this rewarding experience.

Reported by Edward Rajah, The Writing Center