WLC Marks International Women’s Day

WLC Marks International Women’s Day

On March 7, the Women Leadership Council (WLC), a student organization, joined other women around the world to mark the International Women’s Day.

The celebrators held that this year’s theme, #BalanceForBetter, is simply a call to action which affirms that better gender balance in all facets of life builds a better world.

President of WLC, Fiyinfoluwa Onwoeyewyse said marking the event was necessary to remind the university community of the importance of women in our society. The celebration appreciates women and their accomplishments and seeks to raise awareness on gender parity in the world. She added that the event is also to encourage and support every single female.

Director of Judicial Affairs, Mbursa Gwany spoke to the audience on AUN’s zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment.

The talk session drew its audience from across the university community who also lent their voices to the gender balance discourse.

Mr. Abouma Offia said a world of gender balance to him would be where women have the right to make free choices unaffected by bias against their gender, to aspire and dream without being given the inappropriate look, without having their decisions judged on different criteria, without being pushed to become something that they do not want to be.

A faculty member in the NES, Ms. Jennifer Che, remarked that gender equality means that she is to be treated like a person first, not just a woman. Everybody, she said, should be free to choose without being stereotyped on the basis of their gender.

“No, not everybody, every woman wants to have children or get married. So we should be able to choose, both men and women, the path and the type of life we want to live without being criticized.”

VP Campus Life & Dean of Student Affairs, Byron Bullock, envisioned a world where people were accepted for who they are, capabilities and contributions in life.

“You have to be a balanced person who understands that there are no rules in terms of roles. We are all human beings. At the end of the day, we have to focus on that. We have to be the best human being that we can be. What has to be done has to be done. It should not matter who has to do it.”

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa