Winners Emerge in ‘Birds of AUN’ Contest

Winners Emerge in ‘Birds of AUN’ Contest

A final-year Communications & Multimedia Design major, Yvan Kamanzi, has emerged winner of the just-concluded Birds of AUN competition.

Closely following Kamanzi is a second-year Software Engineering major, Chukwuma Stephen Nwala, who clinched second place. Dr. Mohamed Tristan Purvis, a writing instructor, came in third place.

President Dekle announced the winners on December 6 at a crowded library lobby with several members of the AUN community attending.

Madame President introduced the contest in January after she marveled at the diverse culture of beautiful birds on campus. Since then, bird walks were organized, members of the university community were mobilized to observe the birds at AUN, take photographs of them, send in their best three, and submit each with an essay on the bird.

Mr. Kamanzi said the prize alone had not motivated him to participate because he has always loved animals. “I taught it was a club and didn’t quite realize it was a competition,” he told us.

Mr. Nwala, another nature lover, said he did not make up his mind until this semester to join the contest.

Dr. Purvis however said he did not hesitate to participate when he saw the first announcement. He was particularly willing because he already has a camera and is a writing instructor. Therefore, it was not much of a hassle.

“It was a nice match for my interest. Some days, I like to take a picture, and some days I like to write. At the same time, it gave me a chance to have some enjoyable activities.”

One of the major organizers of the event, instructor of Sustainability, Jennifer Che, encouraged student participation by registering her Natural & Environmental Science class in the bird walks. The students were then required to send a report of their experience in the field activity.

It was indeed a worthwhile venture as winners received N90,000 in cash prizes and certificates.

Six semi-finalists were recognized, and each received a certificate of participation. They include Cyril Oni, Ifeatu Uzodinma, Jessica Gwadi, Terdoo Orje-Ishegh, Chiedozie Joseph, and Ruth Unde.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa