Why HR Practices Are Key in Project Management

Why HR Practices Are Key in Project Management

Senior Director of Projects & Physical Planning, Karin Rheeder, says it is important to see Human Resources practices as a priority in Project Management.

“The HR function in Projects is largely ignored by HR Management and Project Management literature. The topic is complex, complicated, and diverse.”

She maintains that there is a difference between the HRM for a traditional organization with a routine process and a temporary project which entails greater uncertainty.

Ms. Rheeder had submitted many articles on this subject for the HR Summit and Expo West Africa - Future Workplace Awards 2018 under the Best Learning and Development Program category. AUN and HMK Consult Global were shortlisted alongside Deloitte & Touche and Proctor & Gamble Nigeria in the same category of the award where the latter emerged a winner.

The essence of the event which was themed “Celebrating the Human Side of Business,” was to recognize outstanding achievements of individuals, departments, teams, and organizations that have contributed to the growth and development of the West African HR sector.

She said her motivation in writing articles for contribution is to be part of making AUN an influencer in many fields.

“I have developed training programs under my consultancy; I have adapted some of them for my work at AUN.”

Ms. Rheeder has lots of awards under her belt including the AUN Outstanding Staff Award 2014, top four percent Nigerian Executive Award 2015, Global Leadership Excellence Award 2014 and 2015, Staff-of-the-year award in Department of Projects and Physical Planning 2017, and the Nelson Mandela Award for contributing to the wellbeing of women and children in Africa. She also serves currently as Chief Sustainability Steward of AUN President’s Sustainability Council.


Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa