What AUN Expects of New Students, by Provost Kah

What AUN Expects of New Students, by Provost Kah

“AUN students always excel and we are here to make sure that you join that list of students to make not only your parents and your communities proud but also and more importantly to make yourself proud.”

On August 30 with these words, the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost, Prof Muhammadou Kah, reminded entering students of the high expectations of them in their AUN career.

The Provost assured that every student would receive the support and mentoring needed to succeed at not only AUN but also in life.

“Throughout your studies, you will be continuously challenged to optimize your potentials and come out prepared with the requisite skills and tools for the 21st-century competencies and confidence to be anywhere in the world.”

He noted that their entering the university would be one of the most critical and defining moments of their lives, as they would become key agents for development, entrepreneurship, wealth creation, and for peace.

“You will walk away from this great university with the future and the futures of your communities more secure and hopeful and much brighter.”

Professor Kah added that as bright stars at the forefront of global change, they would be made to participate in their growth and learning. “Our learning community here at the university will empower you not only to serve locally but globally as well, to make the world a better place for humanity.”

The Provost also advised the new students to make lasting friendships and mature socially and academically. “The future of this country will be in your hand. I am optimistic you will become some of the architects and leaders of brighter Nigeria and brighter Africa as envisioned by our Founder, HE Atiku Abubakar.”


Story by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa