VP Tahir Joins Adamawa State Transition Committee

VP Tahir Joins Adamawa State Transition Committee

VP for University Relations, Dr. Abba Tahir, has been named to the team planning the inauguration of the incoming administration of Hon. Ahmadu Fintiri as the next governor of Adamawa State.

The governor-elect set up the transition committee for planning the take-off of his government and preparing a blueprint upon which the next government will anchor the State administration going forward.

The committee, which covers all sectors of the State government, has Dr. Tahir in the Environment & Forestry Sub-Committee (as the chairman), Security Sub-committee (as the vice chairman), and Think Tank (as a member).

As the Chair of the 15-member Environment & Forestry Sub-committee, Dr. Tahir is expected to lead the process of identifying, developing, and advising on the deployment of an environmental blueprint that will define the policy direction of the coming government in that sector.

The Security Sub-committee is responsible for, among others, reviewing past and present security apparatuses and challenges in Adamawa State. It will serve as the key advisor towards securing a realistic, prosperous and sustainable security infrastructure in Adamawa State in the next four years and even beyond.

The Think Tank Sub-committee is responsible for defining what will be achieved in the first 100 days of the Fintiri era.