Visiting German Journalists Laud AUN

Visiting German Journalists Laud AUN

Two Correspondents from Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s Leading National Daily and  Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster, Bernd Dorries and Adrian Kriesch, were on campus to gather facts about the University’s New Foundation School.

On February 12, Vice President Abba Tahir and University Relations leaders hosted the duo in a question-and-answer session.

Bernd Dorries commended the University, noting that its facilities are top-notch.

"The facilities I've seen here are much better than the ones in some public universities in Germany."

His colleague Adrian Kriesch was full of praise for the entire AUN community. "The first time I came to Yola, I was scared and skeptical, but when I lodged at the AUN Hotel, I could not believe my eyes, it is one of the best hotels in the country."

VP Tahir explained that the NFS project is one of AUN's numerous community service interventions. The project caters exclusively to the traumatized Chibok girls and prepares them for the next level in their careers.

"As a development university, AUN will not remain aloof to what happens in its external and local communities. So, apart from our primary responsibility towards academics, we proffer solutions to problems within society."

He told the German journalists that AUN, being a member of the Adamawa Peace Initiative (API), an organization of community and religious leaders, academics and civil society groups, was floated to respond to any socioeconomic challenges in the region since 2012.

He noted that due to its contributions, AUN enjoys constant support and goodwill, both locally and internationally.

"We have Patrick Fay, former Irish ambassador to Nigeria working here in AUN as a professor of International Relations. He had been in API prior to his working here and has constantly facilitated some funding to support our work with the displaced persons."


Reported by Tina Bitrus