Visiting Al Jazeera Journalist Ahmed Idris Hails AUN As a Standout

On April 18, Nigerian office correspondent at Qatar-based Al Jazeera TV, Ahmed Idris, visited the campus.

Vice President for University Relations, Abba Tahir, received him and led him on a tour of the university.

During the tour, Mr. Idris engaged in discussion with the VP about the fast pace at which the institution is growing.

After a stopover at the e-library, the journalist met with the Assistant Vice President for Security and Safety Operations, Dr. Lionel von Frederick Rawlins, in Admin Building II, where they had a lengthy discussion on the Nigerian security situation. He toured various units of the Security and Safety Department where Dr. Rawlins introduced to him some of their staff and explained how they carry out their daily activities.

Mr. Idris covers West Africa for the TV station and has featured in so many topical stories around the world. He said that he purposely came to pay a courtesy visit to Mr. Tahir, who used to be general manager Adamawa Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). He narrated how Mr. Tahir had contributed to his career growth.

Mr. Idris is also a parent at AUN, with two children schooling here. The journalist, who hails from Adamawa State, said he has never had an extensive tour of the campus despite that his children are here. The quality and standard of AUN’s facilities wowed him.

“This is very impressive; my initial thinking about AUN has changed. I have seen things I had never expected. I have heard and seen more things than I have heard or seen before.”

Reported by Chiedozie Joseph