Valedictorian Okorodudu: My Mind Was Elsewhere, Dad Favored AUN

Valedictorian Okorodudu: My Mind Was Elsewhere, Dad Favored AUN

Petroleum Chemistry major, Utseoritselaju Okorodudu emerged as the best graduating student for the Class of 2019 with a CGPA of 3.91.

The 2019 Valedictorian plans to have a career in petroleum engineering after his mandatory national service.

“AUN has given me the basics. I’ll probably just have to take some extra courses to achieve my dream career during the master's program.”

The Valedictorian said AUN built him into a well-rounded individual, a reason he believes that careers in other fields are also very likely for him.

“With the entrepreneurial spirit instilled in us at AUN, I also dream of becoming a businessman in the fashion line or cosmetology because I have some experience in those areas.”

One of AUN’s values is service to community and country. Okorodudu has imbibed that and more.

“AUN is not just a school for learning. It is a school that gives students a lot of opportunities. I hope to use what I have learned here to do well for myself, my family, AUN, and society at large.”

Reflecting on his AUN experience, Mr. Okorodudu said it was enriching. “Life at AUN was fun and amazing. I met a lot of amazing instructors and important personalities. I made loving friends.”

To say that Mr. Okorodudu received a total education package from AUN is just stating the obvious. “Leadership building through different platforms is another very important experience that I gained here. AUN provided opportunities, and I embraced and explored them all. A very good example is the Emerging Leaders Academy.”

He also belonged to some student clubs - AUN Honor Society and the Student Chemical Society, for example, and held leadership positions such as President of AUN Football Association, Treasurer of the Non-Denominational Christian Fellowship, and Vice President of Finance for Genie Enterprise, a business venture established and managed by students in partial fulfillment of ENT 201 (Entrepreneurial Field Experience).

The Valedictorian further reflected on his academic journey. Nigeria’s traditional universities are modeled after the British system but AUN is different. It was through his father that he first got this conviction.

“I was preparing to go to another university when my dad altered the plan. “AUN is the only private university in Nigeria that I can trust,” he was told with magisterial finality. Here I am.”

On getting here in Fall 2014, he was overwhelmed by just merely seeing the fascinating and pleasant campus environment and the state-of-art facilities on ground. As time went by, classes started and I had a firsthand experience of the American style here in Nigeria.

There are a lot of things that make AUN unique and this includes diversity as an international tertiary institution in Nigeria.

“AUN’s style of education is mind-blowing to me,” said the Valedictorian. “It is interactive; coupled with the friendly, supportive, and ever-accessible faculty, drawn from more than 35 countries. At this moment, I understood my father’s statement and I fully support it.”


Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa