Trustee Usman Wurochekke Donates Seedlings to AUN

Trustee Usman Wurochekke Donates Seedlings to AUN

On August 21, a member of the AUN Board of Trustees, Alhaji Usman Wurochekke, donated a variety of tree seedlings to AUN.

The former Environment Commissioner in Adamawa State had recently developed a fruit tree plantation of banana, mango, orange, and the like with proven results. The motivation for donating economic seedlings is to support the development initiatives of the University.

"The University is seen as a center of economic advancement," he said at a formal handover of the seedlings.

The seedlings, he added, will not only grow to beautify the University environment but will also yield healthy and nutritious fruits that can be used for juice production and as well shade from weather.

The Vice President for University Relations, Dr. Abba Tahir, received the donation on behalf of President Dekle and the entire community of AUN. VP Tahir thanked the donor and said that the seedlings came at the appropriate time because the AUN Director of Environment, Mr. Ibrahim Song, is currently developing a greenhouse blueprint. He said when the National Universities Commission officials visited recently, they were exceedingly excited about the vegetational beauty of the campus. As a result, the regulators advised AUN to also tilt towards planting more economic trees.

Mr. Song said the gesture of donating seedlings is a positive contribution to the progress of the ongoing greenhouse project at AUN. He said once the green blueprint is approved by management and the Board of Trustees, the University will start reaping unimaginable revenue from a major on-campus farmstead.

Mr. Song also noted that apart from the high revenue projections, the AUN Hotel, AUN Club, the Cafeteria, and homes of AUN community members would no longer buy any of our farm produce needs from the outside market.

The Environment Director also lamented that owing to poor planning over several over, the university community had to source quality vegetable needs from Jos, more than 500 kilometres from Yola.

Mr. Song assured that with the necessary management support, the on-campus greenhouse project "will be my strategic sustainability good news to the AUN community." 

Reported by Rofiat Adekunle, Serving Corps Member