Tranter IT Solutions Team Explores Opportunities at AUN

Tranter IT Solutions Team Explores Opportunities at AUN

Vice President for University Relations, Dr. Abba Tahir says AUN would embrace whatever would add value to the university’s operations in terms of the success of teaching faculty, the expectations of students, and the overall administration.

He made this declaration on May 7, while receiving on campus a team of four from Tranter IT, a digital solutions outfit.

“We are excited of your coming,” Dr. Tahir said in a brief remark welcoming the team to campus. “We value and cherish your expertise.”

Their come-and-see visit was facilitated by the Director of Development, Sameer Yeshwanth, as a fallout of previous meetings in Lagos.

The delegation included Executive Director, Melanie Ayoola; Chief Operating Officer, Adewale Saka; Solutions Architect, Samson Soetan, and Sales Executive, Samuel Olagunju.

Tranter IT is in business to understand the challenges and objectives of their clients and deliver solutions that overcome the challenges, said Ms. Ayoola in response to Tahir’s remarks.

“We aim to be a partner in your bid to exceed the goals of SMEs and large enterprises alike. We aim to be their partner in success. We have developed an impressive range of IT products and services that enhance large enterprises and SMEs."

Mr. Saka said Tranter recognizes that AUN is an institution of repute in the deployment of Information Technology. “We all know that AUN is an institution that is highly driven by IT. Without technology, hardly would you see an institution of this standard achieve its objective.”

The team talked about IT solutions that could help AUN to effectively manage those complexities that come with the growth of the 15-year-old university.

“As you grow and as all these requirements grow, [it is also necessary that] you are also able to be in control--absolute control.”

After the meeting, the team had a tour of the university to see the IT infrastructure, which was praised by Mr. Saka.

“I am very impressed, compared with what we have seen in other places. Sometimes you get surprised that this is really within Nigeria. It is not just about the size of the organization or about the infrastructure, but it is also about how professional the people are and how professionally the infrastructure is deployed.”

The visiting team also met with the Interim CIO, Francis Chaming, and then with members of the IT department.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa