Students Visit AJISAQ limited on Industrial Tour

Students Visit AJISAQ limited on Industrial Tour

On April 30, 17 graduate and undergraduate students visited AJISAQ Limited as an out-of-class learning opportunity.

In its mission statement, AJISAQ describes itself as a “company specialized in cutting-edge solutions to tackle community problems using emerging technologies and local content. It focuses on smart systems and automation, design and production of embedded systems, and training on the Internet of Things (IoT)”.

Secretary of the company, Mercy Sunday received the team on behalf of the management. She said their goal is “to be among the top 10 innovative companies in Africa by 2030”.

Managing Director, Ahmed Tijjani said AJISAQ was always willing to receive students and help them in solving their problems that border on emerging technologies and which is why they hired two AUN students considering the University’s pedigree in technology.

He took the visiting students on a facility tour where he made a presentation and a demo of how an electronic smart switch works, how a programmed generator switch controller works, how to program a microcontroller as well as how to develop a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The other products demonstrated include Vulvitis, Arduino dev, and Raspberry pi.

The touring students are enrolled in Systems Programming (undergraduates) and Advanced Computer Architecture (graduates). The instructor, Dr. Abel Ajibesin of the School of IT & Computing, said the concepts pertaining to the next industrial revolution were being taught in the class. He said the visit would enable the students to appreciate what they learned in class.

“We talk of the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and we have found a company which has already tapped into this technology. We came here so that we can see some of the things we have mentioned in the class and in our lab activities in real-life scenarios.”

Dr. Ajibesin’s team was embarking on the fourth industrial tour to the company with students of AUN. He added that the students are expected to report in their log books about their experience - what they have seen and learned.

A representative of the graduate students, a doctoral candidate in Computer Science, Garba Aliyu said everyone was impressed with what they had seen.

“We have seen a lot and we have learned a lot. There is a lot that we had been taught which we had not seen, but now we have a better experience.”

For him, he would be visiting more often.

“It is a great tour,” said MSc candidate, Simtong Danung, “We have been hearing about IoT in class but we have never really seen the real industry implementation of IoT and embedded systems. This tour has actually given us exposure to the real world. We have actually seen it as a real career path for people that can go into IoT and embedded systems.”

An undergraduate student major in Telecommunications & Wireless Technologies, Ruth Jesse, said they were amazed at what they saw at the company. She added that students would want to intern with the company and those writing their Senior Design Project would certainly find it as a place they could go to for assistance.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa