STARS Club Begins Garden Construction

STARS Club Begins Garden Construction

On November 23, the Student Team Advocating Regional Sustainability (STARS) Club partnered with the AUN Rotary Club and the Natural & Environmental Sciences (NES) 101 class to construct a garden near Aisha Kande residence hall.

Instructor of NES 101, Ms. Jennifer Che, said about 40 students from her two sections took part in painting tires.

The Club, headed by a final-year Politics and International Studies major, Maryam Abdulkadir, has, like many other clubs, the objective of unifying students. However, more peculiar to its mission is the aim of raising consciousness in providing more sustainable ways to dispose of trash (recycling), how to conserve water and climate change.

Ms. Abdulkadir explained that the garden project was inspired by the absence of activity centers and monuments to validate the presence of STARS Club on campus. She also said that she wanted more people involved in the club, and a way to have them interested was to build something fun on campus.

‘The idea of paint tires which will serve as seats in the new garden seemed exciting, so I asked Ms. Jennifer Che if her class could help make that happen.”

Ms. Abdulkadir said she thought about a cheaper, more sustainable way to get seats and make them look very comfortable and colorful at the same time and that was what sparked her interest in colored chairs.

Even though the student of NES 101 got their hands dirty painting to help build a “cool” spot for the AUN community, it was a fun experience. It was however not entirely voluntary. The activity was part of their coursework requiring final LAB work students to do something for the environment. With energizing music beats from the sound system, a seemingly run of the mill activity came alive to deliver the dream STARS garden. A truly memorable event.

“It was quite unexpected being told that today’s class would be held outside and to wear a shirt I do not like,” said one of the painters. “I did not understand at first,” she said. “It was really fun though.”

Reported by Zulqarnain Mahmood