SITC Holds Seminar on Big Data

SITC Holds Seminar on Big Data

SITC faculty, Professor Sandip Rakshit, said doing research without considering industry needs is meaningless.

Rakshit has developed an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system. Just like any OCR system, it eases the barrier of the keyboard interface between man and machine to a great extent, thereby helping in office automation with huge savings of time and human effort.

Professor Rakshit showed the various aspects of the work entitled Machine Learning and Big Data Evolution Research to Product at a seminar on February 6. The work attracted many Ph.D. students who are interested in solving industry problems in big data and related technologies.

Dr. Rakshit said using the system, a detailed study has been undertaken with 2,500 digitized (scanned in flatbed scanners) handwritten prescriptions collected from a large super specialty hospital in India, to detect specific drug names automatically.

“Using SRLSA-based handwritten word localization technique and a holistic feature-based MLP classifier, the developed system effectively detects drug names with an average 86.86 percent accuracy.”

He said the work may be extended in the future to a wide number of social applications such as medical, banking, and insurance.

“There are ample opportunities of text analytics in the Public Health Network (PHN) especially in Nigerian scenario since in documents are largely unstructured these areas.”

The presenter also suggested “open problems” that doctoral students could explore for further research.

Dean of SITC, Dr. Mathias Fonkam, says Dr. Rakshit is bringing his experience in applied research that he has demonstrated in India, adding that he particularly likes the fact that he has taken this bend on leaning towards applied research.

“I like the fact that you realized one of our key goals of looking for interesting research problems for our students. In Africa, there is a great need for technological systems.  And if you bring this bend into our research effort, it will be a massive contribution going from the theoretical to the applied.”

Most in the audience were research students who, Dr. Charles Nche of SITC noted, will find it an interesting area. “One of the fascinating things for me is the fact that you keep emphasizing both the IS and computer science themes.”

Prof. Rakshit has experience and expertise in establishing high-quality educational institutes and universities in India, the UAE, Singapore, and Africa. His last assignment was Full Professor in Computer Science with Skyline University (UAE and Nigeria).

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa