Sadiq Daba Wines & Dines with AUN Alumni

Sadiq Daba Wines & Dines with AUN Alumni

On the second day of his four-day (Feb 5-8) visit, ranking Nollywood star actor, Sadiq Daba had lunch with AUN  Alums.

The luncheon was held at AUN Club, where graduates, some of whom were meeting the entertainment icon for the first time, had a hearty interaction.

“It is a great privilege for me to meet someone we can refer to as a legend in the Nigerian movie industry,” said Salome Dolyelwa, a 2016 graduate of Politics & International Studies (PIS).

Ms. Dolyelwa gave insights into what was discussed. “From his role in movies to politics and life in its entirety, I’m really pleased to have a chat with someone as knowledgeable as Mr. Daba.”

Another PIS Graduate (2013), Shalom Otuene, said one of the things she likes about AUN is the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life.

“I dream to become a TV personality; one of my dreams has come true, to meet an iconic man. I’m leaving here with a lesson. I asked him what he would advise young people.

He said “Be nice to everybody that you meet. Smile, you can never tell when you would need them.”

A 2017 graduate of the NES Biomed program and former SGA President, Abdulrahman Bappullo, said it was exciting meeting the celeb.

“I learned a lot from him this afternoon. I got to hear from him how he has helped to shape his the society through his acting.”

For this 2015 graduate of Accounting, Kuna Isa, it was an opportunity to express herself and share her concerns about the movie industry or broadcasting with a TV star.

“It really amazes me because he has encouraged me as a person to actually look into what I really want to do and then work on it. And that there is no stopping me if I’m determined.”

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa