Roaring Lions Beat Student Team in Friendly Match

Roaring Lions Beat Student Team in Friendly Match

On February 7, the Students’ football team, The Stallions, had a friendly encounter with the Roaring Lions of the Security & Safety Dept.

The very tough match ended 2-1 in favor of the Lions.

It was not the first time that both teams played and each time the Roaring Lions won. The coach of the Stallion, Sadiq Yahaya, said this encounter will be different because his team had trained hard right from the beginning of the semester. However, the coach of the Roaring Lions, James Jacob, maintained that the Lions would win.

The Lions had the first kick but the Stallion was quick at intercepting and for two minutes had possession of the ball right. An attempt by the Lions at vengeance after a sidekick yielded no results as the Stallion continued to have the ball.

The Lions ran out of luck when at the eighth minute the club missed a goal--the ball hit the post of the Stallions. This raised the hope of that victory was in the corner.

A free kick for the Stallion at the 13th minute was futile but it continued to display skills which gave the impression that it was the better team. The Lions had another opportunity for a goal at the 18th minute but could not make it count.

A free kick for the Stallion thereafter was also futile. The Lions' supporters continued to applaud their team at any point where they played impressively.  

At the 22nd minute, the Lions had a shot at the goal of the Stallion but the goalkeeper caught it much to the surprise of all spectators. A free kick played by Friday Yohana of the Lions at the 32nd minute gave them the first goal. In less than three minutes, the Stallion retaliated with an equalizing goal scored by Abubakar Garba Musa.

The second half of the match saw the momentum drop as both teams might have re-strategized. A penalty kick awarded to the Lions over the rough play by their opponent at the eighth minute into the second half gave them the second goal which was also scored by Mr. Yohanna. The Stallion would continue to struggle to equalize, displaying mesmerizing skills as the momentum of the game increased once more.

Mr. Yahaya said the Stallion did play its best but it was not favored. He added that a huge number of their best players had class, so could not be featured in the game.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa