Provost Muhammadou Kah Inaugurates Institutional Research Board Headed by Prof Osuagwu

The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Professor Muhammadou Kah on March 26 inaugurated a 25-member Institutional Research Board (IRB) for AUN.

Professor of Marketing Linus Osuagwu, from SBE, is the IRB Chair while Professor of Sociology and Anthropology Gado Alzouma, from SAS, serves as Vice Chair.

Osuagwu is an NUC veteran who has been involved in all aspects of its regulatory oversights including resource verification, program accreditation and writing of B-Mass. Gado Alzouma has published scholarly papers on the impact of digital technologies in different multicultural settings.

Twenty-three others on the board were selected from across various departments of the University. They include Prof. Philip Shallsuku, Dr. Carlos Wong-Martinez, Dr. Babatunde Ogunleye, Dr. Narasimha Vajjhala, and Dr. Chidi Ononiwu.

Others are Dr. Jainaba Kah, Dr. Lucky Imade, Dr. Lynn Baker, Dr. Lukman Raimi, Dr. Hayatu Raji, Dr. David Adetoro, Dr. Jennifer Lofkrantz, and Dr. Presly Obukoadata.

The rest are Ms. Regina Mousa, Ifeatu Uzodinma, Mrs. Turai Kadiri, Mrs. Chioma Anadozie, Ms. Olanike Odewale, Phillip Eappen.

Provost Kah, who performed the inauguration on behalf of President Dekle, informed the IRB members that their appointment is for two years. He explained the importance of having a research body within AUN, and enjoined them to maintain high ethical standards in their respective roles. He also pledged unrelenting support at any point in time.

“The IRB is solely established to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects. Secondly, it is established to serve as a catalyst for us to establish the culture of ethics in our research. And also to make sure that we comply with the highest ethical standards of research that involves human subjects. We do this collectively to ensure that we operate as a fair and impartial board that is immune from any pressure from the institution.

“In today’s world, as a university, research is going to be hugely important and supported. We would expect our colleagues to be more aggressive in responding to the call for research. That is the only way we can uplift our resource base and also to ensure that we strengthen our respective research interests.”

Chair of IRB, Prof. Osuagwu, promised to work with all members in order to achieve the board’s targeted goals. He also called on the members to work together as a team.

“I thank all my colleagues for accepting this extra burden for the board. Research is the center of everything in an academic setting. But the ethical component of it too, in recent times, is of substantial importance.”

Reported by Bashir I. Bashir