Provost Kah Speaks on Path to Sustainable Peace and Unity at MSSN Symposium

Provost Kah Speaks on Path to Sustainable Peace and Unity at MSSN Symposium

Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost, Prof. Muhammadou Kah, has said depriving people of needed resources can prevent any society from achieving sustainable peace and unity.

The symposium by the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) was held on February 9 at the Community Hall of the AUN Academy, North Campus, where the provost gave a talk on the topic: A Path to Sustainable Peace and Unity In Our Society.

Prof Kah said resource deprivation by political and religious leaders in many African societies creates a shortage of infrastructure, thereby making them vulnerable.

“This puts our youth in a vulnerable situation to be taken advantage of by perpetrators of insurgency and disunity which lead to insecurity.”

The provost also pointed out that what is now obtainable in many African communities is that people are struggling to have their dignity.

“Policymakers entrusted with our economies tend to focus largely on national economic growth and quite a number of our leaders focus on pursuing their selfish agendas and greed! However, our people, in our homes and communities are striving for something different: meaningful lives, decent jobs, and dignified existence, peace, love, and unity!”

He said all efforts must be done by leaders at the political, religious, and household levels to reduce and ultimately eliminate food insecurity, ignorance, hopelessness, and youth unemployment.

“All our communities and society deserve ‘social dignity’ and must be God-fearing and embody love, always be each other’s keeper, and be enlightened!  Without these, values are eroded and chaos increasingly looms in our societies.”

He called on the leadership at these levels to enhance access to education and the digital and knowledge economy. He said these African leaders need not only commit to these but also ensure its sustainability.

“I must underscore that education is such a crucial avenue of opportunity. Access to quality primary, secondary, and university education, as well as access to the digital world via adequate and affordable bandwidth--a key to the information and knowledge economy and competitiveness, food sufficiency, and healthcare must and should be an enforceable fundamental human right.”

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa