President Dekle to Honor Society: Service to Humanity is Unending

President Dekle to Honor Society: Service to Humanity is Unending

At the 11th AUN Honor Society Awards banquet on May 16, President Dekle urged the graduating members to continue to do good even as they go on to greater heights.

“Graduating Honor Society members, you are the best of the best, you have fire in your veins, hope in your hearts, and you are each the superhero of your own story. I know you will use your intelligence for the greater good of people.

“You are about to leave the safety of the shores and venture out into the wide-open seas, as the next chapter of your journey begins. A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. You are ready.”

The event was one of the curtain raisers to the main Commencement on Saturday, May 18. Proud parents, faculty and board members--all gathered to celebrate the great achievements of the graduating Honor Society members. 

Members of the Honors Society are considered the elite of the student population. These students are always of high academic and moral standing. The students who undergo a rigorous screening process before joining this prestigious organization must have spent two years at AUN - they must have achieved and must maintain a CGPA of at least 3.5 on a four-point scale.

AUN Honor Society is an association of outstanding students who represent and maintain the highest levels of academic excellence and moral rectitude. Seated on the core values of excellence, service, leadership, and character, this group of dedicated students is unified by the mission of creating a better community through scholarship and service.

AUNHS members are academic tutors and mentors, and they are expected to be role models within and outside the university. They also lead in a variety of innovative campus events ranging from debate competitions on contemporary topics to awareness drives for the sustenance of development projects.

Committed to the eradication of low literacy and numeracy in their host community, members of the AUNHS have established a Community Scholarship Fund which is designed to support primary and secondary school education of community children; about 40 children who are beneficiaries of this program will have their tuition covered for their entire primary education.

The Honor Society also carries out key community initiatives at local schools. Refurbishment of classrooms and teachers’ offices, repainting them and providing new tables and chairs and in some cases, books and uniforms are among such initiatives.

While reflecting on the achievements of past members, Faculty Advisor, Dr. Ferdinand Che described members as people who not only have great academic intellect, but also leadership skills, character and the willingness to embrace the challenges that society throws at them in order to serve the community.

Reported by Togor Passa