President Dekle Receives Executives of Entomological Society of Nigeria

President Dekle Receives Executives of Entomological Society of Nigeria

On October 8, President Dekle received the entire executive members of the Entomological Society of Nigeria (ESN).

They were at AUN for the celebration of the ESN 50th anniversary held in Yola from October 7. 

An avowed lover of insects, President Dekle said she was thrilled to meet with the team.

"When I heard that you wanted to visit us this year at your conference, I was thrilled. I couldn't be happier this morning. And I think we are going to start on the right foot."

To receive the team, the President was joined by the VP of Finance & Administration, Olanipekin Olanrewaju and the Executive Director Communications, Daniel Okereke, who stood in for VP of University Relations, Dr. Abba Tahir.

"We appreciate your contributions to humanity," said Mr. Olanrewaju. "We know the importance of insects to food production and human well-being. We know the importance of your contributions to national and world development."

President of the Society, Prof. Sylvester Ogbodu, remarked that the ESN is a society that has diverse areas of interest.

This is the second time that the Society is hosting it in a non-public university.

Later at the conference, Prof Ogbodu said, "AUN is a fantastic university from what I have seen. I can say that we are blessed. We are lucky to be here. We couldn't have had it better. I'm sure we are going to leave this place with fantastic memories and tell this story about AUN at the end of the conference."

Each member of the team received a set of souvenirs that includes the AUN lapel.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa