President Dekle Decorates 30 Security Officers with Medals

President Dekle Decorates 30 Security Officers with Medals

In a welcome-back ceremony held on May 3 at the Security & Safety Operations section of Admin 1 building, President Dekle decorated 30 security officers with medals.

They had been away on special duty. Each also received a certificate of appreciation for the professionalism, excellence, and discipline displayed while on temporary security duties in Abuja.


President Dekle said it was a great sacrifice to leave their personal and AUN families for that long. “These officers represent the very best of AUN. They have displayed great sacrifice, they went to Abuja, and they served in our Founder’s Campaign (Office) to become President of Nigeria.”


Senior management staff and others from across the campus community attended the event.


Assistant Vice President of Security & Safety Operations, Dr. Lionel Rawlins commended the officers for the diligence they exhibited in carrying out their jobs at the campaign headquarters.


“They came back more professional than they were because they had to deal with governors, former presidents, former governors, senators, representatives of government; they came back more mature as security officers.”


Commenting on the essence of the event, he said it is a common best practice that is observed all over the world. “In keeping with uniform forces, whenever they go away to do peacekeeping or an assignment, we usually give them medals and letters of appreciation. So we are just doing the same thing too.”


Senior Supervisor, Augustine Emmanuel, who headed the team of officers, said he cherished the opportunity to coordinate the special duty. “It was a rare privilege to showcase the talent I have to ensure that the work there in Abuja was well coordinated. Nothing short of professionalism was demanded from us.”  


Assistant Supervisor, Hesley Sunday said all the officers did what was expected of them.


“We ensured that we did our best to represent AUN, that we never let AUN down. None of the officers were found in any misconduct. They did what was expected of them. Even the Founder was proud of us.”


The Vice President of Finance & Administration (VPFA), Olanipekun Olanrewaju, also thanked the officers for doing the University proud. “Sure you are going to live with the memory for the rest of your lives. You have learned one or two things; you will get inspired by some.”


The lineup of the Abuja Special Squad:


Augustine Emmanuel (team leader), Hesley Sunday (Assistant team leader), Paul Lukor, Friday James, James Peter, Samuel Yusuf, Emmanuel Nicodemus, Ayuba Iliya, Solomon Pedi, Joel Joseph, Sunday Cletus, Emmanuel Andrew, Clius Dimas, Christian Sibigan, Monday Shaibu, Ambrose Isaac, Lawi Ambi, Fidelis Sali, Nuhu Buba, Emmanuel Danzaria, Jerry Joseph, Yanamuram Mathias, Stephen Ezekiel, Aliyu Abubakar, William Gakiga, Achesom Muzong, Patrick Peter, Faith Amuel, Innocent Francis, Ambrose Yuguda


Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa