President Dekle Addresses Spring 2019 Class at Pledge Ceremony

President Dekle Addresses Spring 2019 Class at Pledge Ceremony

At the spring 2019 pledge ceremony on January 21, matriculating undergraduate and postgraduate students learned all about the distinctive AUN advantage.

President Dawn Dekle explained that despite the availability of free online resources through which any inquisitive student can gain new knowledge, they stand a better chance of learning a lot more by coming to AUN. This is because experienced faculty will guide students through a comprehensive self-discovery curve.

What you get from AUN surpasses what is being taught in the classroom, the President said.

“Computers are for answers; you are for questions. Our professors here can teach you how to ask the right questions. They are going to push you outside your comfort zone. They are going to push you to be the best that you can be. That is why we have excellence as one of our core values.”

President Dekle assured the students that they would undergo a transformative journey through their years in university because of the many opportunities to learn. Diversity, the President said, is one the strengths of the university. She urged the new students to learn everything they can from everyone, regardless of their backgrounds.

“Which friend do you want to influence you as you go through your time at AUN?  Choose your friends wisely. I challenge each of you to choose a new friend that is from a different religion, a different ethnic group, a different gender than you would normally choose.

A highlight of President Dekle’s presentation was the screening of  motivational video clips to illustrate leadership values, shared humanity, and commitment to green initiatives.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa