Outstanding Graduates Receive Performance Awards

Outstanding Graduates Receive Performance Awards

On May 17, 20 graduating students received awards in one or more of these four major categories: academics, community service, athletics, and leadership. The event took place over dinner at Lamido Commencement Hall.

Eighteen of the recipients are undergraduates and two graduates.

Along with the Board of Trustees chair, Akin Kekere-Ekun, President Dekle presented the awards.

“They have made us proud and brought national and international recognition to AUN,” said, adding that it was a privilege to have them school at AUN. “... And we cannot wait to see what they would do after graduation. We know they will quickly assume positions of power and influence. They are our superheroes.”

Haruna Musa is the only individual sponsor of the awards while the corporate sponsors include Leadway Assurance, Adama Beverages, Standard Microfinance Bank, Royal Exchange Healthcare, Madugu Group of Companies, Globacom, Gotel Communications, Guaranty Trust Bank, AIICO Pension Managers, and Bandwidth Consortium.

The Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor Muhammadou Kah said the awards celebrate the class for their resilience and hard work. “The message in this award,” he went on, “is not that you have arrived. Rather, the message is the journey to greatness has just begun.”

Two students shared their AUN experiences with the audience comprising AUN community members and dignitaries from far and near.

Mariyatu Abdullahi-Bayero said she did not know what to expect when she first came to AUN. “We are privileged to have world-renowned faculty who have worked tirelessly to broaden our minds.”

She described AUN as a place where growth goes beyond the four walls of a classroom. “AUN has not only trained and equipped us with all that we need, but it has also made us an embodiment of success.”

Maryam Ali-Galadima spoke of how AUN made her overcome the fear of public speaking. “Here am I today, standing as a refined product who went through an incubator of leadership, creativity, boldness, addressing their Excellencies, AUN Trustees, presidents, and the university community, and looking straight into the TV cameras with so much passion.”

Trustees’ Board Chair, Mr. Kekere-Ekun, in his closing remarks, said the event was historic as it marked the beginning of another decade of producing quality graduates. “It is the duty of this university, and we take it seriously, to make our graduates not just going out to work for governments and corporate bodies, but also to start businesses on their own. That is why we have the Entrepreneurship program in the School of Business & Entrepreneurship…I assure you that the second decade for graduation which starts today will be a very successful one.”

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa