NUC in Resource Audit for AUN School of Engineering

NUC in Resource Audit for AUN School of Engineering

On the final day of its resource verification tour on May 9, the National Universities Commission (NUC) team on tour of AUN facilities met with President Dekle and some of the senior management.

The group comprised professors from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and top NUC officials led by Professor Abdulkarim S. Ahmed, Deputy Center Leader in Engineering Education at ABU.

Speaking on behalf of the delegation, Prof. Ahmed commended AUN for its academic station and learning systems like a canvas which many universities are yet to deploy.

“We want to congratulate you because we have observed that you have highly qualified academics; I am sure you must have selected your academics very carefully.’’

He added that it is evident that AUN has been preparing for the School of Engineering for a very long time, due to the quality of teachers on the ground.

Other observations made in their report include the need to increase the number of staff and instructors for the program, to upgrade some instructors, having a standard workshop and equipment, dedicated and functional labs for programs like Chemical Engineering. 

According to the NUC team, these are all prerequisites for students to acquire the practical and fundamental knowledge of the program, and that way, when they leave the university, they can start something for themselves.

Responding to their comments, the Provost, Professor Muhammadou Kah, assured them that some of the issues pointed were those of timing and no oversight due to the absence of the summer semester. He said advertisements are already on to hire engineering instructors and order equipment. Once given the approval to commence the program and AUN resumes for the fall semester, and classes start running, everything will be in place.

“The reason why we delayed starting the School of Engineering was to ensure it has the requisite; we are taking a gradual progress approach; we want to go full-fledged, but we also want to be gradual,” he said.


Reported by Togor Passa