No Compromise on Quality Math Teaching, says HOD Dr. Osho Ajayi

No Compromise on Quality Math Teaching, says HOD Dr. Osho Ajayi

The Head of Department of Mathematics, Dr. Osho Ajayi, has assured students that the department will continue to maintain the quality of its course offering in terms of rigor and delivery.

He was speaking at an awareness seminar held on September 21 2018.

Dr. Ajayi said the essence of the awareness seminar is to ensure that AUN will continue to produce globally competitive graduates.

“We are preparing you for the real world where you will meet different kinds of people, we are training you to meet the need for a better Nigeria.”

The department hosted the seminar to enable faculty members answer questions that students might have about any mathematics and statistics course offered so that they can be encouraged to do well.

A final-year Software Engineering student at the seminar, Edward Rajah, said he had to take rigorous mathematics courses in order to develop his math and programming skills.

Dr. Ajayi said that conversations such as this allow faculty and students to find a common ground on the best way for material delivery that will improve student understanding and therefore increase the chance of passing. He told the students that while mathematics is well known to be a challenging subject, the onus was on them to have the mindset that allows them to face the subject square on and find ways to excel rather than complain about difficulty.

The professor went on to remind the students about the various support systems that the department provides to assist students. Among these is the Mathematics Center where students can readily get a one-to-one assistance in form of tutoring either by faculty members or from among our outstanding students in the course.

Students were also encouraged to take advantage of instructor's office hours as avenues for finding solutions to academic challenges.

Dr. Ajayi also expressed concern over students who try to avoid taking courses earlier during their academic journey and then try to rush later on and eventually do not use the resources provided for them or insist on taking a course together with the prerequisite in the same semester. He maintained that such an attitude will not only hamper their timely graduation but also gives the impression of unseriousness.

The math awareness seminar is an initiative of the mathematics department  designed to allow faculty and students engage in collaborative knowledge sharing  as is the tradition of the American style education at AUN.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa