New Students Take Community Pledge at Colorful Fall Semester Convocation

New Students Take Community Pledge at Colorful Fall Semester Convocation

On September 2, new students were formally accepted into the university for the 2019/20 academic year. 

Among the 185 undergraduates were the pioneer Engineering class and 20 graduate students who enrolled for Master's and doctoral programs in Business Management, Computer Science, and Information Systems.

The colorful event was the fall 2019 Convocation and Pledge Ceremony, which took place at the Commencement Hall.

President Dekle formally accepted the students to AUN and guided them through the community pledge, before decorating the enrollees with their class sash.

"We welcome you with open arms and with the support you need to make your first year a success. If you commit to excellence, integrity, and service, AUN's core values, the unexpected will happen."

President Dekle also advised the students to be conscious of their actions.

"The plaque on the wall says: Life is a do-it-yourself project. Your life tomorrow will be the result of your attitude and the choices that you make today.

"Everyone is in the process of building his or her own life. To build wisely, think like it is the only house you would ever build even if you live one more day. That life deserves to be lived graciously and with dignity."

VP Academic Affairs and Provost, Professor Muhammadou Kah, said AUN will prepare students to become the future leaders of their generation.

"This university will shape your academic features, mold your character appreciably, and ingrain in you a high level of empathy for your citizens and the development aspirations of this country, Africa, and beyond."

The Provost encouraged them not to let down the stakeholders who invested resources and hope in their education.

"You owe it to yourself, your parents who sacrificed and worked so hard to support you to be here, your country and the respective communities that you came from to diligently take your courses and your studies and learning experiences very seriously."

While there is a need for the students to pursue academic excellence vigorously, Prof. Kah equally stressed the need for them to maintain a humble disposition and good character at all times.

"Humility and good character will open doors for you and take you where brilliance cannot sustain you."

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa