New Foundation School Graduates Four, Throws Surprise Birthday Party for Mentor

New Foundation School Graduates Four, Throws Surprise Birthday Party for Mentor

On September 4, the New Foundation School  (NFS) graduated four students.

The event featured an award-presentation ceremony for achieving students of the program.

Among the various awards are Attribute-based Award, Athletic Excellence Award, Academic Excellence Award, and NFS Supporters’ Award.

AUN President Dawn Dekle, who gave the opening remarks, expressed satisfaction over the number of students who recently enrolled at AUN. So far, 12 graduates of the program have enrolled in the University.

“That will inspire the rest of your sisters to walk across the stage next year because all of you belong to AUN.”

Assistant Vice President of Foundation Programs, Mr. Reginald Braggs, said his staff will continue to work to ensure that the students achieve success by providing them with sound academic, social, and emotional support.

The graduating students received certificates and others joined in the cutting of the cake.

One of the graduating students, Ms. Comfort Samson, spoke of the NFS impact.

“Two weeks after arriving at NFS, I had no idea who I was. In addition, I did not know what I wanted to do in life. In two years, I have understood one of the vital lessons in life, which is to not let others and my past define my present. Understanding me, helped me realize my dream or becoming a better version of myself. Today, I understand what I need to do to get there.”

Ms Samson’s speech was just one of a number of presentations at the event.

Other students also preformed inspiring poems and  presentations.

After much merry making, Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost, Prof. Muhammadou Kah, gave the closing remarks.  He described AUN as a university that cares about humanity. He told the “Chibok phenomenal ladies” that their future is bright as they will be the agents for change and innovation for Nigeria.

“Our only expectation and hope for you all are to be in the forefront of excellence, of achievement, of substantive and progressive services. Remember that you must always give back to the communities that you came from and to the nation, which has provided these opportunities for you. We urge you to continue to focus, to continue towards the part of excellence. Let no one pull you down.”

President Dekle, AVP Reginald Braggs, and the New Foundation School meanwhile, held a surprise birthday party on September 18 for Dr. Adrian Ogun, an ardent supporter of the Foundation.

Dr. Ogun and his wife Kitty have supported NFS since its founding in August 2014. At 4:30 pm, the excitement began as the Oguns were greeted by a loud uproar from over 150 NFS students and staff members as they entered the party venue. The couple was in utter shock and excitement!

The event continued with an opening prayer by an NFS student. This was followed by a birthday song and a dance by the NFS choir. The students presented an epic drama entitled “Generosity Pays,” which was inspired by Dr. Ogun’s charitable nature.

The drama was followed by a recitation of a poem “Beauty in Kindness.” An excerpt from the poem reads, “People have beautiful dimples on their cheeks but God created yours in your heart, no wonder you are a beautiful soul. God bless Dr. Ogun."

Finally, the man of the moment, Dr. Ogun came up to the podium and expressed his deep gratitude for the loving and thoughtful gestures.

Dr. Ogun left the podium feeling inspired to contribute much more to NFS, AUN, and to touch more lives in the world.