MSS Marks Islamic Heritage Day with Fanfare

MSS Marks Islamic Heritage Day with Fanfare

The Islamic Heritage Day celebrated on November 8 was a memorable evening for the Muslim community at AUN.

It was spearheaded by the Ameer of the Muslim Students Society, Zahradeen Abubakar, a final-year Information Systems major.

An eventful evening, the Heritage Day was anchored by the Vice Ameer, Ms. Zainab Abubakar, who engaged her audience with games of charades, guess which Islamic figure, and recite the next verse.

Lasting till 8 pm, the event included multiple activities like horse riding, archery, swordsmanship, and information sessions on Islamic science.

Although not many speeches were heard, the evening began with welcome remarks by the MSS Ameer and ended with a harmonic Arabian tune to which the audience sang.

It was quite a memorable event which many in the audience hope to attend again come spring 2019.


Reported by Zulqarnain Mahmood