Miss AUN Christine Launches Sanitary Care Pack Campaign for School Girls

Miss AUN Christine Launches Sanitary Care Pack Campaign for School Girls

On May 4, a third-year Law student and reigning Miss AUN, Christine Vihishima launched a ‘Period Care Pack for School Girls’ Campaign.

Her team made up of 12 friends, all of whom are fellow students of AUN, went to the Government Girls Secondary School, Yola, to execute the project.

“We have come to teach the young girls here personal hygiene--how to take care of themselves, especially during their menstrual period,” Ms. Vihishima told the students.

The team distributed a care pack to each of the over 100 final-year students of the school.  

Ms. Vihishima said statistics have it that about 37 percent of young girls miss out of school every month because they cannot afford the menstrual hygiene management materials that they need. She said her team put together a “care pack” that has the essentials that girls need for the time of the month. It includes a sanitary pad, bathing soap, shaving stick, deodorant, a branded bag, and a complimentary card that has personal care tips.

“Menstrual periods should not prevent our girls from learning,” she said of their motivation for the project. Also, her title as Miss AUN requires that she undertakes a community service project.

A nurse with the AUN Health Center, Hannah Noah, accompanied the team. Not only did Ms. Noah explain to the girls how to care for themselves during the menstrual period, but she also demonstrated how to use the contents of the bag.

Funds for the project were raised via an appeal to public philanthropy on social media.  Coordinator Vanessa Williams says her team is working on making the project sustainable.

“These girls deserve more than what we give them today. We are getting in touch with someone who makes reusable sanitary pad which has a lifespan of five years.”

Team member and SGA President, Taslim Oladoja, said he is happy to be a part of the project because “it is an opportunity to give back to the university’s host community”.

Assistant Director of Community Service, Ahmed Aliyu, accompanied the students to the school. He said Ms. Vihishima has awarded scholarships to five orphanage girls who are students in the school.

“It is always great working with her. She has done more projects than any current student of AUN.”

He said the project is a testament of AUN as a development university. “We encourage all students to give back to the community. We want the community to feel the impact of the university.”

Vice Principal of the school Nancy Midalla was thankful for the gesture. She noted that two weeks earlier another AUN student came to distribute personal hygiene items that include brush, soap, and detergent to over 100 of her students.

The benefactor, another third-year Law student, Denise Kouakou, said giving to the needy was a core family value. Her motivation for the intervention was to extend Easter love to others as it has become a family tradition.

“Every Easter, my family gives out to the needy. So, I wanted to replicate this while I was in school during this period.”

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa