Marriage: Before and After

Marriage: Before and After

On March 23, AUN Muslim Students Society hosted a renowned motivational speaker and marriage counselor, Maryam Lemu, who give a talk on marital life and building a peaceful home.

Mrs. Lemu emphasized watching out for “warning signs” during courtship. She shared her own experience with the audience and said she went into marriage ‘headstrong, unprepared, and naïve’. She also expressed how sad she was for the first few years up to the point that she had to ask for a divorce multiple times. She said that she thought she would walk into her marriage and repeat what she saw in her parents.

She began her presentation with a game which she thought would capture the audience’s attention. Mrs. Lemu also spoke about how waiting for the right moment to get married is important. “There is no right moment.” However, when both you and your partner feel you are ready, then you can go for it.

The audience really enjoyed the talk based on the questions that were thrown at Mrs. Lemu. One of such questions was asked by a third-year Economics major. His question revolved around gender roles to which she replied that men don’t need to have a domineering persona in order to live a peaceful marriage.

Christopher, a second-year Law major commended the event and said he really enjoyed it. He said that although he is Christian, the lecture Mrs. Lemu delivered resonated with him and he could see himself adopting some of the habits that she underscored. He also added that what struck him the most was that bringing a child into the world requires a prerequisite of a comfortable, peaceful home but he noted that it is common to see people; especially Nigerians bring forth children into a world of suffering. “Overall the event was memorable and I look forward to more like it.”

Reported by Zulqarnain Mahmood, NES major