Law Students Celebrate New Paraphernalia

Law Students Celebrate New Paraphernalia

On March 25, law students at AUN held a moot court session, attired in conventional lawyers’ regalia.

The Interim Dean of the School of Law, Prof. Lawal Ahmadu, said the essence of the exercise is simply to acknowledge with gratitude the equipment and regalia supplied to them by the university.

“The president and provost as well as the finance and purchasing departments substantially assisted us in getting the right quality of materials which was supplied on time.”

The regalia include one judge’s robe,  a wig, 10 sets of lawyer’s gown, 10 sets of lawyer’s wigs, five sets of collaret (for use by females), five sets of bibs (for use by males). Other equipment include a gavel as well as those to be used in the law clinic, comprising a photocopier, a digital camera, a tripod stand, a paper shredder, and a scanner.

The Dean said software for managing a client’s profile was launched last year.

“I have been on many accreditation teams across law faculties in Nigeria and in many law schools. Without gainsaying, this is one of the best-equipped law clinics in the Nigerian university system. It is the only clinic that is automated with the software of case management.”

He called on the students to make the best use of the items.

A student, Hauwa Hamidu, thanked the university management for the provisions. “ It is one of the many steps that the School of Law has initiated to help actualize our dreams. This marks the beginning of an important journey for us--our journey to becoming capable, conversant, and intelligent young lawyers.”

The moot court had 10 students divided into two teams of five counsels each for the plaintiff and the defendants. They argued over a case involving a model who had bought a hair product after she saw an advert from the hair company.

The fact of the case as read out by the President of AUN Law Students Society, Imoudu Oroh, is that the ad maintained that the product would make customers’ hair grow within two weeks and one is entitled to a refund of money if it didn’t work after using it according to the prescription.

“The counsel for the plaintiff argued that that the ad was a fraudulent misrepresentation while the defense team held that the statement only constituted a mere puff.”

The demonstration showcased the oratory and argumentative skills of the students which highly impressed the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor Muhammadou Kah.

He said, “It is indeed refreshing to witness your future unfolding in front of my eyes. What I have seen a moment ago gives me huge optimism. I am indeed very proud to know that we are on that path. We can get there by your continuing effort to ensure that excellence is the beginning and not an end.”

He reiterated the desire of AUN is to make the School of Law be the best possible, adding that they would go on to become the envy of their counterparts from other universities.

“We want you to be able to separate yourselves from the pack. Make good use of the time here that you are spending to pursue your degree. Challenge yourselves, read as widely as possible, engage each other more thoughtfully.


Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa