Kande Hall Renovates Local School

Kande Hall Renovates Local School

On March 16, the residents of Aisha Kande Hall embarked on their community service project, an annual competition, which takes place every spring. This year, the LCCN No. 1 Primary School, Yola, was chosen.

Anne Uduojie, the Residence Director of Aisha Kande Hall, said that after inspecting the place, what her team saw was disheartening. “Children in the school have no seats or desks and have to sit on mats to study. The floor was broken and most places needed renovations.

“After seeing this, the residents of Aisha Kande felt obligated to embark on this journey to help the school in every little way they can, thereby giving back to the community positively.

Community service entails affecting people’s lives positively in every way possible. The project chosen was to provide chairs, floor the classrooms, and paint the walls to make the place look beautiful and create a healthy and conducive environment for learning. This will go a long way to help them learn comfortably. This is a step in the right path for the residents and they were happy to take part in this self-funded project.

The hall’s community service director, Hawa Mamman, a major in Politics & International Studies, said they are doing their possible best to make sure these pupils have seats, nice floors, working fans, and good boards.

“It is a struggle in the real world and most of us do not know there is more to the comfortable life we are used to. So, we just want to help them in every way we can.

“Every child deserves to be happy and learn in an environment where they can be comfortable because when they are comfortable, learning is easier and more efficient. We are trying our best to see that these children have a brighter future.

One of the participating students, Hadiza Abdulkarim, a CMD major, said it was a worthwhile project.

“Even if we are not professional contractors, we will try our possible best to make this place look better and we feel good about it.

The principal of the school, Elis Chumaru, who was very appreciative of the students, said he does not consider this project as a little contribution to the development of education. He opined that if other organizations emulated AUN by touching the lives of the little ones in other schools, it would be very helpful.

He added that since the inception of the school in 1990, no organization has done as much as the residence hall community service of AUN. “This is a wakeup call for the government and other organizations alike to impact the lives of our young ones because they are our future”.


Reported by Famous Dufegha